The Best Fly Fishing Books for a Beginner

2016-05-04 - Written by: Emma

There is no experience quite like fly fishing. To head out into nature and enjoy the quiet of a river or a lake and cast your line in a skillful manner to catch fish is a unique experience. Before you can participate in this celebration of nature, a person needs to increase their knowledge of how to build one’s skill at fly fishing. There are many great books that have been published on the topic but here are my reviews of three of the best fly fishing books for beginners.

Standing in a River Waving a Stick

Standing in a River Waving a Stick by John Gierach

This is a great book for the beginner fly fisherman because it combines information about fly fishing with deep perceptions about the natural world. This book combines instruction and wisdom that presents a celebration of everything good about fly fishing. All of the benefits of heading out into nature and getting to know yourself a little bit better is explained in the pages of this book. Gierach claims that the answer to every problem in life can be solved by going fishing and the bigger or more numerous your problems, the longer the trip should be. Fly fishing teaches the power of patience, solitude, humor, and perspective. Standing in A River Waving a Stick is a great book for the beginner at fly fishing because it will indoctrinate the reader into all that is great about the sport. Gierach discusses many topics that a fisherman needs to know from a good fly fishing pattern to how to avoid getting skunked.

L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing

L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing by Macauley Lord

To start to fly fishing, The L.L. Bean Ultimate Book of Fly Fishing by Macauley Lord that provides advice, instruction and excitement all in one great little book. It has color images that demonstrate the instructions and is published by L.L. Bean one of the most trusted names in outdoor equipment and apparel. It discusses general fly fishing techniques and what flies to use in order to catch different types of fish, bass, trout, and salmon are all addressed. The information is presented in an easy to read format that will teach a beginner about the proper use of different flies and eleven habits of fly casters that are essential to fishing success. This is the perfect book for the beginner and will allow a person to become a seasoned angler in no time. It will have you putting off a pair of waders and heading out into a river in no time.

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing

The Complete Book of Fly Fishing by Tom McNally

Knowing how fishing is done is the greatest weapon a beginner fly fisherman can have and this book puts a person moving in the right direction. Tom McNally discusses the proper technique to use no matter how great the equipment if the skill of the fisherman is sub par then they will be unsuccessful. This book takes the reader by the hand and guides them through the world of fly fishing and will provide a solid base for fishing success. With over 50 years of fly fishing experience, this author provides a great introduction to the world of fly fishing. His writing style is very easy to follow and will allow anyone to become more competent at fly fishing. The Complete Book of Fly Fishing is a must read for fishermen of all levels.