The Top Fly Fishing Locations in the US

2016-05-02 - Written by: Emma

You may have heard of the increasingly popular sport and hobby called flyfishing. What is fly fishing, you may ask? It is simply an angled method of catching fish by using a specialized line called a fly rod. Whether it's saltwater or freshwater fishing, there are many states available to you for enjoying this hobby. Listed below are some of the best states that you may want to check out if you are an avid fly fisher.

Florida fly fishing


The first state you may want to check out is Florida. Popular for having a plethora of largemouth bass, you will want to try fishing in the canal, ditch, lake or pond. The fish featured in Florida are available in mostly freshwater bodies of water. You will find many of the largemouth basses in the Panhandle area. If you travel to the Everglades you may also find redfish, tarpon or snook as well.

 fly fishing

North Carolina

Another great state to visit or reside in for fly fishing would be North Carolina. They are mostly popular for their trout streams and rivers where, in the Roanoke River, they get one of the best runs of striped bass. Also, there are thousands of ponds that are full of them along with bluegills. Don't forget about the coast where you may find redfish and stripers! You can find so much in this beautiful state!

 fly fishing


Another option you may want to check out is Montana if you are looking for the best place to fly fish for trout! This, by far, is the best state for finding this species of fish. Whether it's at Yellowstone or The Missouri, there are so many different creeks to catch trout!

 fly fishing

New York

You may be surprised to hear about this location, but New York is indeed a popular fly fishing destination. It just so happens that the southern beaches of Long Island hold the best false albacore, striped bass and blue fish in the United States! The Adirondack and the Great Lakes are known for some of the best salmon and steelhead as well. The variety of fish available in New York makes it worth the trip!

 fly fishing


Lastly, Alaska can make for great fly fishing. Although, fishing season is rather short, the various fish available are wonderful: resident rainbows, grayling, northern pike, steelhead and more can be found in Alaska. Since the season is so short, this would probably make a great vacation destination!

Whether you're planning your next trip, following your hobby or looking for a place to retire, these states are perfect for someone with a love for fly fishing. There are so many different places to visit for fly fishing, but these are the ones with the most variety and biggest availability of fish!