Ginger Quill

Ginger Quill

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The Ginger Quill is a classic quill bodied dry flies and even though quill bodies have lost in popularity to bodies made out of dubbing, I’ve always found them to look amazing. And so does the trout apparently. The Ginger Quill and it’s counterpart the Quill Gordon has helped me out several times when the trout has been extra picky.

If the trout are feeding on pale wateries and light olive duns this fly is still as effective as it was over 200 years ago when it was created. The origin of the pattern has been lost in history but Ray Bergman listed it in his book Trout as one of the few recommended dry flies. It was also mentioned in the Dette catalogue from 1935.

My own experience with the Ginger Quill started at a young age. In the beginning of a fishing trip with my father and brother. We were on our way to some fine trout waters and had come as far as we could by car. The plan was to stay the night and then continue in the morning by boat before hiking the last bit to the remote cabin we were going to spend the next week by.

Getting out of the car and stretching my legs was a good treat after the long car ride but it was soon forgotten as I looked down at the water floating past the house. While my father was shown the guest house I enjoyed the show of trout feeding on insects swarming the surface.

I don’t remember much about the man that owned the property but I will probably never forget him giving me my first Quill Gordon and me rushing down to the water with my rod, catching the first trout of the trip.


Thread Yellow 6/0
Tail Ginger Hackle fibers
Body Natural Stripped Peacock Quill
Wings Grey Duck quill